About Actor’s Factory


A Scene from The Diviners, 2010

Actor’s Factory is a youth theater group based in Stoughton Wisconsin. The group’s mission is to perform vibrant and sophisticated theater for audiences of all ages. This is no kiddie-troupe!

Actor’s Factory is the creation of Deanna Reed. Deanna founded Actor’s Factory in 2003. Our first performance, in 2004, was David Mamet’s The Water Engine. That play was first written as a radio play, and first produced on stage by the St. Nicholas Theater Company in Chicago. You can see why we call ourselves sophisticated.

In the years since, we have performed a variety of plays by national and local writers. (Explore the history menu, above, to learn about our past performances.)

The Cast

The Actor’s Factory cast varies from year to year. Performers have ranged in age from 9 to 18. In 2011, we have thirteen performers, from 12 to 17. Two of the cast are new to Actor’s Factory, but the other eleven have been in at least one performance. Some of this year’s cast are true veterans, having been in seven performances.

The Director

Deanna Reed, Backstage in the Stoughton Opera House, 2010

Deanna Reed has taught youth the art of performance and voice since 1999.  She graduated from University of South Florida, Tampa, where she was influenced by workshops with the San Francisco Mime Troupe and the Free Munich Theater of Germany.  Deanna interned at the New Jersey Shakespeare Festival.  She followed up professional training in Chicago at the The Actors’ Center, with Eileen Vorbach and Victor D’Altorio—students of Sanford Meisner—and studied voice with Gillian Lane Plescia.  Deanna has directed over 47 plays of various lengths from one minute to full length.

Deanna has been seen in the chorus of HMS Pinafore and The Mikado with the Madison Savoyards. Her favorites roles have been as Mrs. Fry in Minglewood Blues and JoEllen in Just Sit Right Back & You’ll Hear a Tale at Broom Street Theater, both written by husband playwright, Doug Reed.  She has been seen on the Mercury Players Theatre and MadCAP stages.  She sings with the Stoughton Chamber Singers under the direction of John Beutel.

About The Stoughton Opera House


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